Beto Mentions Feltman’s Hot Dogs in His “Diary”

Beto Mentions Feltman’s Hot Dogs in His “Diary”

Posted by Michael Quinn on

“Beto”. The name may sound unfamiliar to you, but for those of us that have been following politics to some degree, we know that’s the nickname of the American businessman and politician legally known as Robert Francis O’Rourke. Beto achieved fame after he ran as the 2018 Democratic nominee for the Texas Senate Race, nearly emerging victorious against Ted Cruz.

Beto has become famous enough to the point where the contemporary life magazine Texas Monthly has started to maintain fake diaries written from Beto’s point of view. The first of these dubbed “The (Fake) Beto Diaries, Vol. 1: Piggly Wiggly in Muldrow, Oklahoma” includes Beto’s reflections on hot dogs. Sure enough, Bet’s diary includes a mention and brief history of Charles Feltman, the inventor of the hot dog.

Regardless of what your views are, we can assure you that there is absolutely nothing fake or political about the all-natural taste of Feltman’s hot dogs!

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