Feltman’s Hot Dogs Are Among the Absolute Best

Feltman’s Hot Dogs Are Among the Absolute Best

Posted by Michael Quinn on

Will you be dropping by Coney Island this weekend to try one of the best hot dogs in the country? We can’t wait to meet you! In case you needed some reinforcement on just how legendary Feltman’s hot dogs are, allow us to present you with yet another positive piece of press we received earlier this week.

This time around, it’s Grub Street, a website launched by the historic New York magazine which, in case you didn’t know continues to hold the most National Magazine Awards than any other publication. Grub Street highlights readers on the best places to dine in or out and we’re proud to say Feltman’s of Coney Island was mentioned in its “The Absolute Best Hot Dog in New York”article. Talk about a mouthful of a title! Grub Street calls Feltman’s hot dogs “beautifully balanced and abundantly juicy” and gives us some major praise saying “it’s hard to imagine the original red hot being better than it is today.”

Drop by during this long weekend and see for yourself why Grub Street thinks Feltman’s hot dogs are awesome. Have a safe, happy, and delicious Memorial Day weekend!

This update is by Feltman’s of Coney Island, a symbol of American tradition and quality for decades and the proud maker of the original hot dog originally founded by its namesake Charles Feltman, the inventor of the first hot dog. Feltman’s hot dogs are free of nitrates and artificial ingredients, using all natural beef to create an experience that explodes with incredible, original flavor. For more information the best hot dogs, please visit one of the locations in Brooklyn or Feltman’s Kitchen on St. Marks Place in the East Village to try some of the best hot dogs in the country.