Hot Dog Ambassador John Fox Calls Feltman’s His Favorite Hot Dog

Hot Dog Ambassador John Fox Calls Feltman’s His Favorite Hot Dog

Posted by Michael Quinn on

Our hot dogs are well-loved everywhere, and especially by big time hot dog enthusiasts like John Fox. John Fox said that Feltman’s is his favorite hot dog, out of the hundreds that he’s eaten. John Fox is most well-known for his huge love for hot dogs and all their different flavors. Mr. Fox knows so much about hot dogs that he’s been on the Food Network, been consulted on articles, co-founded the Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour, and he also founded the Hot Dog Nation Facebook page.

Recently, Mr. Fox received a huge honor for any big hot dog enthusiast. He earned the Northeast Hot Dog Ambassador title from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. Feltman’s is honored to be John Fox’s favorite hot dog! He knows that our hot dogs are a cut above the rest.

A Hot Dog Ambassador is someone who is honored for their huge love of hot dogs. They earn the title from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC). The NHDSC supplies consumers and media with hot dog information.

Congratulations to the other Hot Dog Ambassadors: Chris Crawford, Courtney Auter-Wade, Tom Lohr, and Sam Beeson.

This update is by Feltman’s of Coney Island Hot Dogs, a symbol of American tradition and quality for decades and the proud maker of the first hot dog originally founded by its namesake Charles Feltman, the inventor of the hot dog. Feltman’s hot dogs are free of nitrates and artificial ingredients, using all natural beef to create an experience that explodes with incredible, original flavor. For more information, please visit one of the locations in Brooklyn or Feltman’s Kitchen on St. Marks Place in the East Village to try some of the best hot dogs in the country.