How to Cook a Feltman’s Hot Dog

How to Cook a Feltman’s Hot Dog

Posted by Michael Quinn on

Ever wondered how to cook a Feltman’s hot dog? It’s not complicated, and there are plenty of different options.

You should know that Feltman’s hot dogs are already pre-cooked when they get to your table. After the sausage is produced, it is hung in a smoker. Smoke from the hickory chips inside the smoker helps give the sausage its delicious flavor. Other companies might use artificial flavoring to achieve a smoky flavor, but Feltman’s sticks to a smoking method.

The microwave isn’t your only option for heating up Feltman’s hot dogs. The barbeque is a great way to heat them up. Keep the flame on medium, in case the hot dog’s lamb casing bursts. The lamb casing is all-natural, and not soy protein concentrate or semolina.

The oven is another option. Heat your oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, then heat the hot dogs for 8-10 minutes. Both sides of the hot dog should be brown. You can also try the broiler. Leave the hot dog in the broiler for 3 minutes.

A skillet is another way to warm up your hot dog. Put some aluminum foil on the skillet, underneath the hot dog. You might need to use a little water as well. Heat it up in the skillet for five minutes.

Hopefully these tips will help you enjoy your all-natural Feltman’s hot dog more.

This update is by Feltman’s of Coney Island, a symbol of American tradition and quality for decades and the proud maker of the original hot dog originally founded by its namesake Charles Feltman, the inventor of the first hot dog. Feltman’s hot dogs are free of nitrates and artificial ingredients, using all natural beef to create an experience that explodes with incredible, original flavor. For more information, please visit one of the locations in Brooklyn or Feltman’s Kitchen on St. Marks Place in the East Village to try some of the best hot dogs in the country.