Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

Posted by Michael Quinn on

We all know the difference between a hot dog and a sandwich. The former is a bread bun with a sausage in between while the latter is a pair of slices of bread...with something in between it. The similarities between the two make you stop and wonder, “Hmm, maybe a hot dog is closer to a sandwich than we think!”

The food and pop culture website The Takeout recently posed the same question to its readers and also to a bunch of different public figures including Emmy-winning actress Holland Taylor (perhaps best known for her role as Evelyn Harper on the sitcom Two and a Half Men), actor Fred Savage (The Wonder Years), comedian Sinbad, and actress Kristen Schaal, perhaps best known for her role as the voice of Louise Belcher on Bob’s Burgers. The general consensus among those that were asked? The majority seem to agree that a hot dog is not, in fact, a sandwich. However, there are those that think otherwise, such as actress, singer, and dancer Rita Moreno who says that a hot dog is “absolutely” a sandwich because it’s “between two slices of bread.” We do respect the opinion of a legendary actress who is among the few people to have won an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and a Tony Award.

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