It’s Not a Hot Dog, It’s A...Taco?

It’s Not a Hot Dog, It’s A...Taco?

Posted by Michael Quinn on

Social media erupted earlier this year after an argument arose as to whether a hot dog is also a sandwich. Regardless of where you stand on that matter, surely everyone can agree that a hot dog is most definitely not a taco, right? That’s absurd! Well, maybe not.

A Twitter user has illustrated what could be a valid case that a hot dog is indeed a taco if we were to recategorize it using something called The Cube Rule of Food Identification. The rule was intended to set some guidelines about food and avoid debates like the one this blog might end up provoking, unintentionally of course. With The Cube Rule, food is categorized based on its specific number of sides, also known as “starch locations”. So a food with a single side on its base would be considered one thing while another food with a base and two “walls” or sides would be an entirely different category.

If you take a look at the picture at the following link:, you’ll notice that hot dogs would belong to the “Taco” category, not so much sandwiches. You’ll also notice that other foods like pizza would be considered “Toast”.

Should hot dogs be subjected to The Cube Rule? Whether you think they’re tacos, sandwiches, or just plain hot dogs, Feltman’s hot dogs will taste great no matter what kind of food category they may fall under or what you think they are. Check us out before the year is over!

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