Bars & Restaurants now featuring Feltman's!

The Original Original


Bars & Restaurants now featuring Feltman's!

Did you know Feltman's isn't just sold online and in grocery stores? You can also find us nationwide at these delicious spots that feature us on their menu's!


1. City Tavern (Fort Myers, FL)

In the heart of Downtown Fort Myers River District is one of Fort Myers best kept secrets: City Tavern, a locally owned and beloved spot with excellent happy hours, and great nightlife. Head over to City Tavern on the 4th of July to check out their Chili Dog Eating Competition & you can get some Feltman's on their menu starting after July 4th! 

2. Shade Shack (Scarborough, ME)

Owned by the MIGIS Hotel Group and located in Higgins Beach for an easy lunch is the newly opened Shade Shack! Feltman's is excited to partner with Shade Shack to bring back the Classic Hot Dog with the old-world spices and snap you all know and love in every bite. 

3. Frying Pan (Brooklyn, NY)

Nestled in the Industry City is the newest location for Frying Pan, Frying Pan Brooklyn. This location has a Game Room, indoor bar & happy hour serving up cocktails, brews, lobster rolls and soon to be Feltman's. The Frying Pan Brooklyn truly has something for everyone of all ages.  

4. Rock City Dogs (Long Island, NY)

Rock City Dogs is the ultimate hot dog & rock n' roll destination. Their menu takes inspiration from classic rock bands such as the Zeppelin Dog, which features a Feltman's beer battered dog, cream cheese, rasberry jam, sage green salad, and truffle honey. Feltman's is honored to be selected as Rock City Dogs 100% beef and natural casing hot dogs.

5. Lucky Dogs (Waterbury, VT)

Lucky Dogs and Henders is weekly pop up event running Friday and Saturday evenings from 4-7pm serving loaded hot dogs and ice cream! Apart from their sweet treats like ice cream floats and sandwiches, Lucky Dogs menu also features Feltman's natural casing hot dogs, as well as keto bun options too- a Keto lovers dream for the ultimate low carb dog.

6. Scopa Italian Roots (Los Angeles, CA)

Scopa Italian Roots brings people together with fresh ingredients that honor old-school Italian traditions, as well as phenomenal service. You can find Feltman's paired with sauerkraut, peppers & onions, gulden's mustard, spicy pickles included in Scopa's Brunch menu and well as their Grill Box.

We're excited to continue growing across the US: online, at grocery stores, and restaurants near you! Stay tuned on our socials and blog posts to see where we'll be featured at next! 

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There’s no wrong way to eat a Feltman’s hot dog. But the truly original way is on a potato bun with a healthy serving of Feltman’s Deli Style Mustard, made with apple cider vinegar.

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