Preparing Your Feltman's Hot Dog

Preparing Your Feltman's Hot Dog

Posted by Michael Quinn on

What’s the secret to enjoying the all-natural, delicious flavor of a Feltman’s hot dog? There is more to the preparation than simply taking it out of the package, turning up the heat, and letting it do its thing. To fully enjoy the Feltman’s taste that so many people have to come to appreciate without messing up the natural casing, it’s a matter of practicing and following the right steps.

For those of you that are relying on the all-knowing Internet to guide you in your hot dog preparation, chances are you may have considered the popular poach and grill approach. Despite its popularity, using this method may cause the hot dog to lose some of its essential flavors and it may even take some of the moisture out of the hot dog, which means you’re left with an edible, albeit dry and flavorless sausage.

Perhaps the worst thing you can do to your Feltman’s hot dog is puncturing its skin prior to grilling it as this will cause the natural juices to leak out, potentially reducing the rich flavor. The natural casing is intended to make sure that all of these flavors remain “locked” inside the hot dog along with the moisture to ensure the best taste.

When it comes time to actually cook your Feltman’s hot dog, it’s best to take a low and slow approach as they do require even temperatures so that they cook through properly without burning. Once they are cooked through, only then should you consider turning up the heat during those final minutes should you wish to give the hot dog a bit of char.

This update is by Feltman’s of Coney Island Hot Dogs, a symbol of American tradition and quality for decades and the proud maker of the first hot dog originally founded by its namesake Charles Feltman, the inventor of the original hot dog. Feltman’s hot dogs are free of nitrates and artificial ingredients, using all natural beef to create an experience that explodes with incredible, original flavor. For more information on the best hot dogs, please visit one of the locations in Brooklyn or Feltman’s Kitchen on St. Marks Place in the East Village to try some of the best hot dogs in the country.