The Great Hot Dog Debate May Be Over

Posted by Michael Quinn on

Last month, we mentioned a debate going on where a bunch of different celebrities was asked whether they believed a hot dog is a sandwich. The colorful responses largely agreed that a hot dog is not a sandwich, with a few people like EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) winner Rita Moreno believing that a hot dog is “absolutely” a sandwich.

But then what happens when one of the most well-known makers of hot dogs in the world chooses to agree with Rita Moreno? Indeed, none other than Oscar Mayer recently declared that the hot dog is indeed a sandwich, with its brand manager “ending the debate once and for all”. Despite this declaration, Oscar Mayer has its naysayers and it has fired up strong debate, with the TODAY show anchors going as far as arguing that a hot dog is not a sandwich. Oscar Mayer was already prepared for the backlash and it has even gone as far as setting up a 24-hour hotline people can call to try and convince them otherwise.

How do you feel about Oscar Mayer officially deeming the hot dog a sandwich? Regardless of your personal sentiments, we can practically assure you that when you try Feltman’s hot dogs, you won’t care whether it’s a sandwich or a hot dog because you’ll be too busy enjoying the fantastic taste!

You can read more about the momentous declaration here:

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