This Pop-Up Brings Coney Island to Manhattan

Posted by Michael Quinn on

Coney Island is unquestionably a pillar of New York City’s culture. But imagine if you didn’t have to hop on the subway and ride all the way to Brighton Beach to experience it. There is actually an interactive, themed fun house hosted by Coach and developed in collaboration with set designer Simon Costin. The pop-up is located at 107 Grand Street and has four themed rooms. Once they’ve entered, guests are led to a replica of the subway where they are welcomed and encouraged to grab a graffiti marker and let loose with their imagination on the surfaces. A small-scale carnival is in the following room featuring the colors and neon lights of Coney Island. It is equipped with a boardwalk, Skee-ball machine, and even a Zoltan machine where guests can receive a custom fortune. Lastly, admission is free and there are rumors that the pop-up may travel to other cities in the near future.

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