Feltman's Original Hot Dog Grill Master

Feltman's Original Hot Dog Grill Master

Step your game up from "Party Pro" to a "Grill Master" with a 6-Pack of Feltman's Original Hot Dogs plus a T-shirt! Ask your friends: Who invented the hot dog? Then slap these bad boys on the table to declare: Charles Feltman invented the hot dog! Feltman's Original Hot Dogs are bigger, better, all natural, all beef, no nitrate hot dogs with the perfect snap unleashing a bevy of spices and flavor. Simply the best! 

"Likely to be the best hot dog you'll ever eat in your life!" - Gothamist 

*Package includes half off on shipping 

(Delivery Zone: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic & Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia)