Growing up in Southern Brooklyn, my brother Jimmy and I spent our summers running around Coney Island, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and riding the Cyclone before joining our family to enjoy delicious hot dogs on the boardwalk. Inspired by the small business owners around Coney Island, we also dreamed of one day opening a business together.

Tragically, our childhood dream ended when my brother was killed in the World Trade Center on September 11th.

Fifteen years later, my youngest brother Joe, a military veteran, and I were watching a New York Mets game. Over beer and hotdogs we discussed my passion for Coney Island and the inventor of the hot dog, Mr. Charles Feltman. We discussed how the quality of hot dogs had been degraded and the shame the Feltman’s brand was no longer in production. Wanting to pay homage to the legacy of our brother Jimmy and the historical significance of Coney Island, Joe and I decided to resurrect the Feltman’s brand.

Of utmost importance when reviving America’s original hot dog (initially referred to as Coney Island Red Hots) was our commitment to the original Frankfurter Sausage recipes. Our hot dogs are made with all natural beef, a proprietary blend of the original Frankfurter spices, and a marvelously snappy skin that explodes with flavor. We are proud to serve safe, nitrate-free, uncured hot dogs with no artificial ingredients.

Please join us in inspiring families to eat natural food one hot dog at a time!

All the Best,

Michael Quinn
Feltman’s of Coney Island